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About Calico Cloud

What is Calico Cloud?

Calico Cloud is a security solution for cloud-native applications running on containers and Kubernetes. It is the SaaS, pay-as-you-go version of Calico Enterprise that includes the core Calico Open Source (Calico CNI and network policy).


Beyond the Kubernetes security features that you get from Calico Enterprise and Calico Open Source, Calico Cloud adds these container security solutions:

  • Image Assurance

Automated image scanning and blocking so you can monitor and assess workloads for new and existing CVEs 24/7.

  • Container threat defense

Fully automated protection against known and unknown attacks (network or container-based).

Best fit

The best fit for Calico Cloud is small teams who need to manage the full spectrum of compliance in a web-based console. To jumpstart learning for teams, Calico Cloud provides:

  • Built-in onboarding tutorials in the web console
  • Automatic policy recommendations to make it easy for developers to secure their microservices and applications from day one
  • Hands-on training from Customer Support during the trial period so you can see how to realize your use cases in short order
  • Self-service workshops and training to speed up adoption

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