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Calico Cloud automatic labels

As a convenience, Calico Cloud provides immutable labels that are used for specific resources when evaluating selectors in policies. The labels make it easier to match resources in common ways (such as matching a namespace by name).

Labels for matching namespaces

The label is set to the name of the namespace. This allows for matching namespaces by name when using a namespaceSelector field.

For example, the following GlobalNetworkPolicy applies to workloads with label, color: red in namespaces named, "foo" and "bar". The policy allows ingress traffic to port 8080 from all workloads in a third namespace named, "baz":

kind: GlobalNetworkPolicy
name: foo-and-bar
namespaceSelector: in {"foo", "bar"}
selector: color == "red"
- Ingress
- action: Allow
namespaceSelector: == "baz"
- 8080

Be aware that the default values for namespaceSelector for NetworkPolicy and GlobalNetworkPolicy are different. For example:

In a network policy,

namespaceSelector:  <empty>
selector: foo == "bar"

means "resources in the same namespace as the network policy that matches foo == 'bar'".

In a global network policy,

namespaceSelector:  <empty>
selector: foo == "bar"

means "resources in any namespace and non-namespaced resources that match foo == 'bar'".


namespaceSelector: == "some-namespace"
selector: foo == "bar"

is equivalent to:

namespaceSelector: <empty>
selector: (foo == "bar") && ( == "some-namespace")

Labels for matching service accounts

Similarly, the label is applied to ServiceAccounts and allows for matching by name in a serviceAccountSelector.

Kubernetes labels for matching namespaces

Kubernetes also has automatic labeling, for example The Kubernetes namespace label serves the same purpose and can be used in the same way as the Calico Cloud label. The label predates the automatic Kubernetes label.

Labels for matching host endpoints

Automatic HostEndpoints use the following label to differentiate them from regular HostEndpoints:

  • calico-kube-controllers

Use the correct selector with labels in policies

Calico Cloud labels must be used with the correct selector or the policy will not work as designed (and there are no error messages in Manager UI or when applying the YAML).

Calico labelUsage requirementsUse in these resources... with a namespaceSelector or serviceAccountSelector.- Network policy
- Staged network policy

Namespaced resources that apply only to workload endpoint resources in the namespace. only with selectors.

Use the label as the label name, and a namespace name as the value to compare against (for example == "default").
- Global network policy
- Staged global network policy

Cluster-wide (non-namespaced) resources that apply to workload endpoint resources in all namespaces, and to host endpoint resources.