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Manage clusters

Connect new clusters

To connect new clusters to Calico Cloud, select Managed Clusters in the left nav, and click Connect Cluster.

Recover a deleted managed cluster

If you inadvertenty delete a managed cluster, rerun the curl command and the cluster will reconnect to Calico Cloud.

Manage and monitor multiple clusters in Manager UI

Access your managed clusters

Each time you install Calico Cloud on a cluster, the cluster is added to the drop-down menu in Manager UI.


Use this menu to move between your clusters. You can connect as many managed clusters as your subscriptions allows.

Managed cluster views

When you select a different cluster from the cluster menu, the entire Manager UI view changes to reflect the selected cluster. For example, each managed cluster has unique indexes for Elasticsearch clusters, a separate instance of Kibana, and the dashboard reflects only the selected managed cluster.

Manage policies in multiple clusters

To implement, modify, or view network policies in a given cluster:

  1. Toggle to a managed cluster using the managed cluster drop-down menu.
  2. Define, modify or view network policies in that cluster.
  3. You can monitor the impact of a policy using the policy visualization tool (Flow Viz).

To apply policies in one managed cluster to a different cluster, manually apply the manifest/.yaml using kubectl.

To download manifests for a policy, click Export for the selected policy.