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Manage clusters

Connect new clusters

To connect new clusters to Calico Cloud, select Managed Clusters in the left nav, and click Connect Cluster.

Remove a cluster from the managed clusters list


Remove a cluster

For the cluster you want to remove, select Actions > Delete, and then confirm your choice by selecting Delete cluster.


Deleting a managed cluster does not remove Calico Cloud logs.

If a new managed cluster is connected with the same name as a previously deleted managed cluster, the logs associated with the deleted managed cluster will be displayed as if they belong to the new managed cluster.

Recover a deleted managed cluster

If you inadvertently delete a managed cluster, you may restore it by connecting your cluster using the same name as the previously deleted cluster. For help with connecting a managed cluster see Connect a cluster to Calico Cloud.

Manage and monitor multiple clusters in Manager UI

Access your managed clusters

Each time you install Calico Cloud on a cluster, the cluster is added to the drop-down menu in Manager UI.


Use this menu to move between your clusters. You can connect as many managed clusters as your subscriptions allows.

Managed cluster views

When you select a different cluster from the cluster menu, the entire Manager UI view changes to reflect the selected cluster. For example, each managed cluster has unique indexes for Elasticsearch clusters, a separate instance of Kibana, and the dashboard reflects only the selected managed cluster.

Manage policies in multiple clusters

To implement, modify, or view network policies in a given cluster:

  1. Toggle to a managed cluster using the managed cluster drop-down menu.
  2. Define, modify or view network policies in that cluster.
  3. You can monitor the impact of a policy using the policy visualization tool (Flow Viz).

To apply policies in one managed cluster to a different cluster, manually apply the manifest/.yaml using kubectl.

To download manifests for a policy, click Export for the selected policy.