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Uninstall Calico Cloud from a cluster

Whether you've finished with your Calico Cloud Trial or decided to disconnect your cluster from Calico Cloud, we know you want your cluster to remain functional. We highly recommend running a simple script to migrate your cluster to open-source Project Calico.

Before you start...

Ensure that you have kubectl access to your Kubernetes cluster you wish to disconnect from Calico Cloud.

About the migration script

The script migrates all applicable Calico Cloud components to open-source Project Calico; this includes removal and cleanup of all Calico Cloud components that have no equivalents in Project Calico. Because Project Calico does not have the tier resource, the script will exit if any policies exist in any tier except for the default or allow-tigera tiers. To remove policies from tiers, you have these options:

  • Manually move policies out of tiers prior to running the script
  • Let the script remove ALL Calico policies by specifying the --remove-all-calico-policy flag

Run the migration script

  1. Download the script curl -O

  2. Make the script executable chmod +x

  3. Run the script and read the help to determine if you need to specify any flags ./ --help.

  4. Run the script with any needed flags, for example: ./ --remove-prometheus.

Next steps

Continue using your cluster with open-source Project Calico.