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Prometheus support

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Calico Cloud uses the open-source Prometheus monitoring and alerting toolkit. With these tools, you can view time-series metrics from Calico Cloud components in the Prometheus and Grafana interfaces, or scrape the metrics for a BYO Prometheus deployment.

Install options

  • Use Prometheus operator managed by Tigera operator

    You install the Calico Cloud Prometheus operator and CRDs during Calico Cloud installation. Calico Cloud metrics and alerts are available in Manager UI. You configure alerts through Prometheus AlertManager.

    If you want to specify your own Prometheus operator during installation for management by the Tigera operator, the require operator version must be v0.40.0 or higher. Because Calico Cloud creates AlertManager and Prometheus CRs in the tigera-prometheus namespace, all you need to do is verify that your Prometheus operator is configured to manage Prometheus and AlertManager instances in the tigera-prometheus namespace.

  • Bring your own Prometheus