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Block affinity

A block affinity resource (BlockAffinity) represents the affinity for an IPAM block. These are managed by Calico IPAM.

Block affinity definition


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchema
nameUnique name to describe this resource instance. Must be specified.Alphanumeric string with optional ., _, or -.string


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchemaDefault
stateState of the affinity with regard to any referenced IPAM blocks.confirmed, pending, pendingDeletionstring
nodeThe node that this affinity is assigned to.The hostname of the nodestring
cidrThe CIDR range this block affinity references.A valid IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR.string
deletedWhen set to true, clients should treat this block as if it does not exist.true, falsebooleanfalse

Supported operations

Datastore typeCreateDeleteUpdateGet/ListWatch
Kubernetes API serverNoNoNoYesYes