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Managed Cluster

A Managed Cluster resource (ManagedCluster) represents a cluster managed by a centralized management plane with a shared Elasticsearch. The management plane provides central control of the managed cluster and stores its logs.

Calico Cloud supports connecting multiple Calico Cloud clusters as describe in the [Multi-cluster management] installation guide.

For kubectl commands, the following case-insensitive aliases may be used to specify the resource type on the CLI: managedcluster,managedclusters,, as well as abbreviations such as managedcluster.p and managedclusters.p.

Sample YAML

kind: ManagedCluster
name: managed-cluster
operatorNamespace: tigera-operator

Managed cluster definition


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchema
nameUnique name to describe this resource instance. Required.Alphanumeric string with optional ., _, or -.string
  • cluster is a reserved name for the management plane and is considered an invalid value


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchemaDefault
installationManifestInstallation Manifest to be applied on a managed cluster infrastructureNonestringEmpty
operatorNamespaceThe namespace of the managed cluster's operator. This value is used in the generation of the InstallationManifestNonestringEmpty
  • installationManifest field can be retrieved only once at creation time. Updates are not supported for this field.

To extract the installation manifest at creation time -o jsonpath="{.spec.installationManifest}" parameters can be used with a kubectl command.


Status represents the latest observed status of Managed cluster. The status is read-only for users and updated by the Calico Cloud components.

conditionsList of condition that describe the current status of the Managed cluster.List of ManagedClusterStatusConditions


Conditions represent the latest observed set of conditions for a Managed cluster. The connection between a management plane and managed plane will be reported as following:

  • Unknown when no initial connection has been established
  • True when both planes have an established connection
  • False when neither planes have an established connection
FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchemaDefault
typeType of status that is being reported-stringManagedClusterConnected
statusStatus of the connection between a Managed cluster and management clusterUnknown, True, FalsestringUnknown