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Version: 3.18 (latest)

Install a patch release

Installing the most recent patch version of Calico Enterprise v3.18 ensures that you have the latest bug fixes and improvements. But you can always install, or downgrade to, a previous patch version. Installing an older patch can help if you encounter problems with the latest patch, or if you're required to install only a specific patch version.

Before you begin

This feature is:

  • Available in 3.0 and later
  • Not available for Helm with operator

How to

  1. Download the release archive for your patch version from the following table:

    Patch versionRelease archive link
  2. Untar the release-vx.y.z-vx.y.z.tgz to a local directory.

    tar xzvf release-vx.y.z-vx.y.z.tgz

In the patch release archive, navigate to the manifests folder.

  1. Follow the quickstart installation, making the following changes:

    1. Install Tigera operator and custom resource definitions.

      kubectl create -f <your-local-directory-archive>/manifests/tigera-operator.yaml
    2. If you are not using an existing Prometheus operator, install it.

      kubectl create -f <your-local-directory-archive>/manifests/tigera-prometheus-operator.yaml
    3. Install Tigera custom resources.

      kubectl create -f <your-local-directory-archive>/manifests/custom-resources.yaml

      For platforms like AKS or EKS, you must modify the command to be platform specific. EKS example: kubectl create -f <your-local-directory-archive>/manifests/eks/custom-resources.yaml