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Version: 3.19 (latest)

Configure default IP pools

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Configure the default IP pool values to use during Tigera Operator installation.


During Tigera Operator installation, you must configure the CIDR range to use for pods that reflects your environment.


Kubernetes pod CIDR

The Kubernetes pod CIDR is the expected IP address range for pod IPs. It is defined for the entire cluster, and is used by various Kubernetes components to determine if an IP belongs to a pod. For example, kube-proxy treats traffic differently if an IP is from a pod than if it is not. All pod IPs must be in the CIDR range for Kubernetes to function correctly.

Tigera Operator and IP pools

Calico IP pools are ranges of IP addresses that Calico uses to assign to pods; the ranges must within the Kubernetes pod CIDR.

The Tigera Operator reads the Installation resource and configures the default Calico IP pool. Note the following:

  • Default fields for any that are omitted:
    • CIDR:
    • Encapsulation: IPIP
    • NodeSelector: all()
    • NATOutgoing: Enabled
  • IP pools are only used when Calico is used for pod networking, IP pools are not utilized when using other pod networking solutions.
  • To make changes to the IP pools after Tigera Operator install, you may use calicoctl or kubectl. If you make the changes to the IP Pool in the Installation resource (Operator IPPool) after installation, the changes are not applied.

Before you begin...

  • Verify that your IP pool is within the Kubernetes pod CIDR
  • If you are using encapsulation (IP in IP or VXLAN), ensure that the traffic is allowed on your network
  • You are making these changes for a cluster that has not yet had Calico Enterprise deployed.

How to

  1. Download the custom-resource.yaml file.

  2. Edit the Installation resource. Required values: cidr: Empty values: Defaulted

    kind: Installation
    name: default
    - cidr: ""
    encapsulation: "IPIP"
    nodeSelector: "label == 'value'"
    natOutgoing: "Enabled"
  3. Apply the manifest and continue with your installation as normal.

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