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Version: 3.19 (latest)

calicoctl version

This section describes the calicoctl version command.

Read the calicoctl Overview for a full list of calicoctl commands.

Displaying the help text for 'calicoctl version' commands

Run calicoctl version --help to display the following help menu for the commands.

calicoctl version [--config=<CONFIG>] [--poll=<POLLFREQ>]

-h --help Show this screen.
-c --config=<CONFIG> Path to the file containing connection configuration in
YAML or JSON format.
[default: /etc/calico/calicoctl.cfg]
--poll=<POLL> Poll for changes to the cluster information at a frequency specified using POLL duration
(e.g. 1s, 10m, 2h etc.). A value of 0 (the default) disables polling.

Display the version of calicoctl.


Use calicoctl version to obtain the following data.

Client VersionVersion of calicoctl
Build dateTime and date of calicoctl build
Git commitGit commit number of calicoctl
Cluster Version*Version number of cnx-node and Calico Enterprise
Cluster Type*Other details about the cluster

* To obtain these values, you must configure calicoctl to connect to your datastore.

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