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Version: 3.18 (latest)

Kubernetes controllers configuration

A Calico Enterprise Kubernetes controllers configuration resource (KubeControllersConfiguration) represents configuration options for the Calico Enterprise Kubernetes controllers.

Sample YAML

kind: KubeControllersConfiguration
name: default
logSeverityScreen: Info
healthChecks: Enabled
prometheusMetricsPort: 9094
reconcilerPeriod: 5m
leakGracePeriod: 15m
syncLabels: Enabled
autoCreate: Disabled

Kubernetes controllers configuration definition


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchema
nameUnique name to describe this resource instance. Required.Must be defaultstring
  • Calico Enterprise automatically creates a resource named default containing the configuration settings, only the name default is used and only one object of this type is allowed. You can use calicoctl to view and edit these settings


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchemaDefault
logSeverityScreenThe log severity above which logs are sent to the stdout.Debug, Info, Warning, Error, FatalstringInfo
healthChecksEnable support for health checksEnabled, DisabledstringEnabled
prometheusMetricsPortPort on which to serve prometheus metrics.Set to 0 to disable, > 0 to enable.TCP port9094
controllersEnabled controllers and their settingsControllers


nodeEnable and configure the node controlleromit to disable, or NodeController
federatedservicesEnable and configure the federated services controlleromit to disable, or FederatedServicesController


The node controller automatically cleans up configuration for nodes that no longer exist. Optionally, it can create host endpoints for all Kubernetes nodes.

FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchemaDefault
reconcilerPeriodPeriod to perform reconciliation with the Calico Enterprise datastoreDuration string5m
syncLabelsWhen enabled, Kubernetes node labels will be copied to Calico Enterprise node objects.Enabled, DisabledstringEnabled
hostEndpointControls allocation of host endpointsHostEndpoint
leakGracePeriodGrace period to use when garbage collecting suspected leaked IP addresses.Duration string15m


FieldDescriptionAccepted ValuesSchemaDefault
autoCreateWhen enabled, automatically create a host endpoint for each nodeEnabled, DisabledstringDisabled


The federated services controller syncs Kubernetes services from remote clusters defined through RemoteClusterConfigurations.

reconcilerPeriodPeriod to perform reconciliation with the Calico Enterprise datastoreDuration string5m

Supported operations

Datastore typeCreateDelete (Global default)UpdateGet/ListNotes
Kubernetes API serverYesYesYesYes