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Version: 3.28 (latest)

calicoctl datastore migrate

This section describes the calicoctl datastore migrate commands.

Read the calicoctl Overview for a full list of calicoctl commands.

Display the help text for 'calicoctl datastore migrate' commands

Run calicoctl datastore migrate --help to display the following help menu for the commands.

calicoctl datastore migrate <command> [<args>...]

export Export the contents of the etcdv3 datastore to yaml.
import Store and convert yaml of resources into the Kubernetes datastore.
lock Lock the datastore to prevent changes from occurring during datastore migration.
unlock Unlock the datastore to allow changes once the migration is completed.

-h --help Show this screen.

Migration specific commands for calicoctl.

See 'calicoctl datastore migrate <command> --help' to read about a specific subcommand.

Migrate specific commands

Details on the calicoctl datastore migrate commands are described in the documents linked below organized by sub command.