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Version: 3.28 (latest)

calicoctl ipam

This section describes the calicoctl ipam commands.

Read the calicoctl Overview for a full list of calicoctl commands.

Displaying the help text for 'calicoctl ipam' commands

Run calicoctl ipam --help to display the following help menu for the commands.

calicoctl ipam <command> [<args>...]

release Release a Calico assigned IP address.
show Show details of a Calico assigned IP address,
or of overall IP usage.
configure Configure IPAM

-h --help Show this screen.

IP Address Management specific commands for calicoctl.

See 'calicoctl ipam <command> --help' to read about a specific subcommand.

IPAM specific commands

Details on the calicoctl ipam commands are described in the documents linked below organized by sub command.