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Version: 3.27 (latest)

Configuring calico/node

The calico/node container is deployed to every node (on Kubernetes, by a DaemonSet), and runs three internal daemons:

  • Felix, the Calico daemon that runs on every node and provides endpoints.
  • BIRD, the BGP daemon that distributes routing information to other nodes.
  • confd, a daemon that watches the Calico datastore for config changes and updates BIRD’s config files.

For manifest-based installations, calico/node is primarily configured through environment variables, typically set in the deployment manifest. Individual nodes may also be updated through the Node custom resource. calico/node can also be configured through the Calico Operator.

The rest of this page lists the available configuration options, and is followed by specific considerations for various settings.

calico/node does not need to be configured directly when installed by the operator. For a complete operator configuration reference, see the installation API reference documentation.