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Version: 3.28 (latest)

Helm installation reference

You can customize the following resources and settings during Calico Helm-based installation using the file, values.yaml.


If you customize felix configuration when you install Calico, the v1 apiVersion is used. However, when you apply felix configuration customization after installation (when the tigera-apiserver is running), use the v3 apiVersion.

Sample values.yaml

Here is a sample values.yaml file with settings for custom resources. You must enable the custom resource using enabled: true to provide custom configurations; custom resources set to false are ignored.

enabled: true
<installation resource spec fields to configure>

enabled: false
<if enabled is true: felixConfiguration resource spec fields to configure>

Common customizations

Example of common customizations that you might want to configure in you values.yaml for your helm-based installation:

Encryption using WireGuard

WireGuard encryption is configured in the FelixConfiguration. To set encryption for your cluster, update the values.yaml file.

enabled: true
wireguardEnabled: true
wireguardEnabledV6: true