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BGP logs

Calico Cloud pushes BGP activity logs to Elasticsearch. To view them, go to the Discovery view, and from the dropdown menu, select tigera_secure_ee_bgp.* to view the collected BIRD and BIRD6 logs.

The following table details key/value pairs for constructing queries, including their Elasticsearch datatype.

logtimedateWhen the log was collected in UTC timestamp format.
hostkeywordThe name of the node where log was collected.
ip_versionkeywordContains one of the following values:
 IPv4: Log from BIRD process
 IPv6: Log from BIRD6 process
messagetextThe message contained in the log.

Once a set of BGP logs has accumulated in Elasticsearch, you can perform many interesting queries. Depending on the field that you want to query, different techniques are required. For example:

  • To view BGP logs only for IPv4 or IPv6, query on the ip_version field and sort by logtime
  • To see all logs from a specific node, query on the host field
  • To view events in the cluster, query on the message field