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Troubleshooting checklist

Check Calico Cloud installation

Installing Calico Cloud on your Kubernetes cluster is managed by the Calico Cloud operator. The Calico Cloud operator is deployed as a Deployment in the calico-cloud namespace, and records status in a custom resource named installer.

Check the installer status using the following command.

kubectl get installer default --namespace calico-cloud -o jsonpath --template '{.status}'

Sample output


After state is complete, Calico Cloud is properly installed.

Check logs for fatal errors

Check that the Calico Cloud operator is running and that logs do not have any fatal errors.

kubectl logs -n calico-cloud deployment/calico-cloud-controller-manager
2022-04-04T14:34:32.472Z INFO controller-runtime.metrics metrics server is starting to listen {"addr": ""}
2022-04-04T14:34:32.472Z INFO setup starting manager
2022-04-04T14:34:32.472Z INFO setup config {"ccBaseURL": "", "debug": false, "leader-elect": true}
I0404 14:34:32.472586 1 leaderelection.go:243] attempting to acquire leader lease calico-cloud/
2022-04-04T14:34:32.472Z INFO controller-runtime.manager starting metrics server {"path": "/metrics"}
I0404 14:34:32.480870 1 leaderelection.go:253] successfully acquired lease calico-cloud/

Check custom resources

Verify that you have the installer custom resource, and that the values are appropriate for your environment.

kubectl get --namespace calico-cloud -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
- apiVersion:
kind: Installer
annotations: |
creationTimestamp: '2022-04-04T14:34:29Z'
generation: 1
name: my-new-cluster
namespace: calico-cloud
resourceVersion: '1102'
uid: eb1d1cd0-f01f-47b2-81fe-8eee46dbe712
clusterName: my-new-cluster
message: ''
resourceVersion: ''
state: installing
kind: List
resourceVersion: ''
selfLink: ''

Send failed installation diagnostics to Calico Cloud support

To upload diagnostics about a failed installation to Calico Cloud support, run the following command:

kubectl patch installer -n calico-cloud default --type merge -p='{"spec":{"uploadDiags":true}}'