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GKE requirements

Verify system requirements​

Although Calico Cloud checks that your cluster meets System requirements, verifying now can save you time troubleshooting.

Verify GKE settings​

  1. Verify that intranode visibility is Enabled/true.

    gcloud container clusters describe <cluster-name> --flatten networkConfig.enableIntraNodeVisibility
  2. Verify network policy is Disabled/true.

    gcloud container clusters describe <cluster-name> --flatten addonsConfig.networkPolicyConfig.disabled
  3. Verify Dataplane V2 is null/not configured.

    gcloud container clusters describe <cluster-name> --flatten networkConfig.datapathProvider

Verify IAM permissions​

Verify that your user account has IAM permissions to create Kubernetes ClusterRoles, ClusterRoleBindings, Deployments, Service Accounts, and Custom Resource Definitions. The easiest way to grant permissions is to assign the "Kubernetes Service Cluster Admin Role” to your user account. For help, see GKE access control.

Need help connecting your cluster?​

Troubleshooting checklist